Below is a list of people and organisations I have worked with. I was very impressed with their service and support, and highly recommend them! 

Some of these are affiliate sites, so if you mention my name, I might get a reward!

Thank you!

Courses  – Chandler Bolt.

This publishing school has a variety of programmes to help you publish your book and become a best-selling author. It’s a brilliant course and gave me a lot of tools to become a confident writer and to know how to self-publish. – Katie Chambers.   Beacon Point LLC offers online writing courses, language arts tutoring and a range of professional writing / editing services. Katie Chambers helped me navigate the difficulties of writing and did a top job with editing and content writing.


This is a one stop shop for authors. Joris and his team were so efficient, creative and supportive when it came to helping me with my book cover, book formatting and web design. They also provide editing, proofreading, book descriptions and promoting support. In addition, you can have personalized coaching calls to help provide whatever service an author needs.