Gold! Silver! Bronze!

This book is a guide to assist any teacher who dreads writing those school reports every year! It will help you write crystal clear teacher comments for any grade from pre-school to high school. There are words and phrases specifically for ‘Listening’, ‘Speaking’, ‘Reading’, and ‘Writing’ as well as for various subject areas, such as drama, music, sport, and art. The words and phrases under each subject have been divided into two general groups, ‘Experts’ and ‘Apprentices’. The ‘Experts’ are those coping very well in that subject area and the ‘Apprentices’ are students who find that subject a real challenge. For general comments, examples have been included to help you. These are organized under three headings: ‘Gold’ – for the child who simply shines in all areas; ‘Silver’ – for the child who copes satisfactorily in class; and ‘Bronze’ – for the child who is struggling and finds learning a real challenge. There’s also a page titled, ‘100 ways to say, very good’! This book will be of assistance, even a springboard for your thoughts when once again it is report writing time.